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Adam Shostack: Writing Accomplishments

· Adam Shostack

Adam Shostack is a noted and influential leader in his field. An expert with decades of experience in the development of effective security and privacy solutions, Adam Shostack is not only an accomplished entrepreneur and organizational leader; Adam Shostack is also an advisor and board member of various organizations within the commercial, academic and nonprofit sectors, as well as a sought-after public speaker and consultant.

Adam Shostack has also earned industry-wide recognition for his contributions to literature. The author of Threat Modeling: Designing for Security (2014), as well as the co-author of The New School of Information Security (2008), Shostack demonstrates not only a strong, well-supported expertise in the field of information security and privacy, but the ability to coalesce complex ideas and insight into digestible, educational form.

In addition,Adam Shostack currently maintains and updates a blog to further ideas presented in his past works; to provide the online audience insight into where the field is headed and its potential for the future.

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