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Adam Shostack: Why Threat Modeling?

· Adam Shostack

Adam Shostack specializes in providing custom cyber security solutions; those that enable organizations and professionals with the insight and expertise needed to solve complex, highly-technical security problems while taking steps to prepare for potential attacks down the road.

The Founder of Shostack & Associates, Adam Shostack utilizes his unique and extensive experience in security engineering to deliver effective solutions that ensure organizations are prepared and fortified for what is often an uncertain digital future.

One area of specialty for Adam Shostack and his team is that of threat modeling: the process of identifying, managing and mitigating cyber threats to be ready for security issues over the course of your system’s lifecycle. Threat modeling not only helps organizations prevent and correct flaws in information security; it also:

· Allows for the identification and mitigation of those risks that pose the most danger.

· Provides the opportunity to design and implement a remediation strategy based on threat identification and risk assessment.

· Offers the opportunity to increase your team’s understanding and awareness of security risks.

· Gives the opportunity to utilize risk assessment and weighting to better prioritize efforts during the process of development.

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