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Adam Shostack: Why Cyber Security is More Important than Ever

· Adam Shostack

Adam Shostack has worked in information security for more than 20 years. Over that time, Adam Shostack has been a firsthand witness not only to the ever-evolving, rapidly-changing nature of online threats and the potential dangers they pose to organizations but also the growth of and growing need for a stronger cyber security industry; one that is equipped to keep up with the rapid pace and change of online threats, and that provides organizations the tools, services, and technology needed to protect themselves and their sensitive information well into the future.

A longtime information security specialist, Adam Shostack knows how important it is for organizations and individuals to have strong cyber security processes and technologies in place; particularly in an age when the threat of digital attack is greater and more challenging than ever. These days, cybersecurity is paramount, in large part because:

· The world is mobile. The advent and proliferation of mobile devices provide people better ways to communicate and store information than ever before, though it also places the personal and professional information of billions at risk of theft and attack.

· Everything is connected. Devices are able to connect and share information with one another easier and better than ever, providing potential criminals even more routes for accessing and stealing information.

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