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Adam Shostack: Why Consider a Career in Information Security?

· Adam Shostack

Adam Shostack has enjoyed a long and successful career in the field of information security. A seasoned security engineering professional with a considerable list of accomplishments under his belt; including the leadership of several successful startup firms; the composition of numerous papers, blogs, articles and books; and active board membership of such notable organizations as the Seattle Privacy Coalition and The Black Hat Briefings; Shostack has earned the recognition as an influential and sought-after expert in the industry.

As a prominent and respected figure in cyber security engineering, Adam Shostack knows how promising a career in information security can be. For those considering such a career, it’s important to note that:

Cyber Security Professionals Are in Demand

Organizations in both the public and private sectors are always on the lookout for talented cyber security professionals; those that can provide the security solutions and services they need to combat and prepare for the ever-changing threats of the digital world.

Information Security Roles are Various and Abundant

Professionals looking to enter the field have numerous career paths from which to choose. Roles currently available to such professionals include security engineer, network security engineer, security administrator, security analyst, senior information security auditor and more.

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