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Adam Shostack: What Makes for an Effective Consultant?

· Adam Shostack

Adam Shostack, the Founder and Managing Consultant of Shostack & Associates, has been offering quality, custom security engineering, and threat modeling services to clients since 2016.

A career-long cybersecurity professional with more than 20 years of experience designing, developing and implementing information security solutions, Adam Shostack now enjoys the opportunity to provide one-on-one security consultancy to organizations of varying sizes and across numerous industries.

Clients trust Shostack and his team to design and implement effective security solutions that address their complex security issues and to do so in a way that best prepares them for the security challenges and potential threats they may face well down the road.

A leading security engineering consultant, Adam Shostack possesses many of the characteristics that tend to be shared by members of the consulting field, regardless of the industry or business they happen to serve. Such characteristics, those so important to effective consultancy, include:

· Listening. Each client has unique needs that they express.

· Confidence. Shostack has thrived in the field of information security for more than 20 years and is confident he has the security skills and expertise needed to deliver quality cyber security solutions to any client.

Discipline. A hard worker with a solid reputation, Adam Shostack is a disciplined security engineer not afraid to put in the time and effort needed to provide each client a rewarding experience

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