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Adam Shostack: Skills that Make the Best Security Engineers

· Adam Shostack

Shostack & Associates Managing Consultant Adam Shostack has worked in cybersecurity, in one capacity or another, his entire career; having not only provided organizations comprehensive security insight, leadership and solutions on a consistent basis but having provided high-level information security leadership to numerous startups and established organizations for just over 20 years.

Once a longtime Program Manager at Microsoft, and author of the 2014 “Threat Modeling: Designing for Security,” Adam Shostack knows what it takes to build and maintain a next-level career in the field; one that is both highly competitive and that is constantly changing to meet the ever-evolving security requirements of organizations around the world.

To really make your mark in information security, as Shostack knows, it’s important to be proficient in:


Security engineers generally understand how to identify security vulnerabilities and issues, but it’s the ability to communicate and emphasize those issues to department heads and organizational leaders that really gets the ball rolling on building and implementing the most effective solutions possible.

Creative Thinking

As security threats and systems technology are constantly changing, it’s crucial for the engineer to know how to approach problems from different angles, as well as to how to design more innovative solutions that best equip organizations with the resources they need to be protected well down the road.

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