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Adam Shostack: Dr. Dobbs Jolt Award Finalist

Adam Shostack is a cyber security expert with over a decade of experience. He’s the President of Shostack & Associates, which launched in 2017 in the Greater Seattle Area, and a published author with an outstanding reputation.

His book, Threat Modeling: Designing for Security (Wiley, 2014), is the only security book to be chosen as a Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Award Finalist since Bruce Schneier's Secrets and Lies and Applied Cryptography, and it continues to remain relevant years after publication.

Would you like to read an article Adam Shostack regarding threat modeling? On July 3rd, 2018, he wrote an article for the MIS Training Institute titled “Threat Modeling: What, Why, and How?” That’s full of useful information. The article also provides a glimpse into his engaging writing style.

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