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Adam Shostack: Best Practices in Cyber Security Engineering

· Adam Shostack

Adam Shostack works in cyber security consultancy, designing and developing specialized security solutions that best protect the integrity and confidentiality of his clients’ information while providing them the security resources and platform they need to realize their objectives well into the future.

The Founder and Managing Consultant of Shostack & Associates, Adam Shostack ensures clients have the guidance and services needed to best understand, manage and minimize cybersecurity risks while remaining efficient and competitive, regardless of the specific field or industry.

As Adam Shostack knows, certain types of industries and businesses require unique approaches when it comes to cyber security, though there are a number of cyber security best practices that tend to drive the work and focus of security engineers regardless of who they’re working for.

Some of these broader best practices include:

· Maintaining the balance of utility with protection. Ensuring access and availability of resources while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of those resources is a challenging but central goal of the cybersecurity professional.

· Knowing, defining and restricting access as needed. The security engineer works to understand the varying levels of information access within an organization, such as to what extent certain professionals within that organization can access resources and where safeguards need to be put into place when necessary.

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